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Pet loss can be a devastating blow for loving pet owners. It is important to understand that grieving pet loss is a process; you need to allow yourself time to experience your emotions and time to heal.

You can expect to feel one or more of the following emotions during the grieving process:

  • Guilt – You may feel like you should have done more. Try to put aside feelings of guilt and know you did your best.
  • Denial – Some pet owners feel the need to get rid of anything related to the pet. For others, they feel getting rid of things is disloyal.
  • Anger – You may feel angry toward those involved somehow in the loss, such as family members, your veterinarian, even God.
  • Depression – You may find yourself feeling overwhelmingly sad, and disinterested in daily activities. Seek professional help if your depression continues.
  • Acceptance – Eventually, at your own pace, you will accept your pet loss. This is not to say that it will not hurt anymore, but you will accept the reality of the loss.

Try to face pet loss as openly and honestly as you can. Find people with whom you can discuss your feelings. Experiencing pet grief together can be a healing process for all of you.

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