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When we have grown to love and cherish our pets it is hard to see them go. Often we are in shock and disbelief when we first lose our pet. Many people feel angry toward the vet, themselves, or even their pet.

It is always helpful to talk about it with someone. Share your favorite memories with someone who will listen and understands. Also, remember the good times that you shared with your pet. It will help you deal with the loss. Dig out all those pictures of your pet and your family.

You may find it more difficult to cope around feeding time or the time you would walk or play together. You can either stay busy during these times or you can take this time to talk with someone or do something that will help you remember your friend. Some find comfort in donating either time or money to a pet charity, writing poetry and stories about their pet, talking (either online or in person) with other pet owners who have lost a pet, or even creating a personal memorial to their pet.

Everyone deals with the death of a pet differently, and it's important to let each person handle their grief the way they need to. Whether you choose to write, talk, paint, sew, or simply remember, your grief will lessen with time, though your love never will.

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Like you, we have lost beloved pets. As we build our community you will find even more pet loss coping advice, forums to share your grief and ways to pay tribute to your beloved pet.

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