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Healing I noticed a toy of yours the other day It hurt so that I had to look away I never could stand to move it I saw it again, though, just yesterday And it brought comfort my way I put it safely in my closet And remembered you, with a smile Thanks For All the Love I miss the little sounds you made That were only meant for me The droopy stares you shot my way Knowing no one else would see I smile when I think of you Peacefully resting up above Because I can hear you calling me Saying "Thanks for all the love" Homeward Bound Watching you grow was such a joy From the little ball I first brought home To the companion always by my side Amazed at the trust you gave me Comforted by the love we shared Looking around at your favorite places The hidden spaces I would not have known I realize those corners are the graces That has made my heart your home New Mourning I mourn for you when the days slow down When the sun begins to set and things get quiet I reflect on the time we spent slowing down Settling down, drifting, dozing, dreaming Side by side we slipped into another morning Now when the first day's light hits my face I know you've waken and are reaching down To say good morning, to help ease my mourning Because you are a light that will not fade Smile Again You're gone but not forever. I smile when I see pictures, remembering all the good times we spent together. I am strong; Even stronger, to speak the words of our memories to others. To smile, when I don't want to smile. To laugh is easier as days pass by. You're with me forever in my heart. A treasure deep within to steer me on. A precious gift that will not fade. You were more than my pet, my friend, companion, and my family.
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