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When a beloved pet dies, we are often lost and unsure of what comes next. Many times people do not know where to turn. There are cemeteries and crematories that are available for your beloved friend. Check your yellow pages or with your veterinarian to find a suitable, caring place for you and your pet. It is also appropriate to have a ceremony for your pet. It can be either a burial ceremony or a memorial ceremony, depending on your personal preferences.

If you are religious or spiritual, there are even prayers that can be said for your sweet, lost pet. Here is a common prayer that you can adapt for both your pet and your beliefs:

"Eternal Spirit, we bring you our grief in the loss of [name of pet] and ask for the courage to bear it. We bring you our thanks for [name of pet] who lived among us and gave us freely of his/her love. We commit our friend and companion [name of pet] into your loving hands. Give us eyes to see how your love embraces all creatures and every living thing speaks to us of your love. Amen."

Whether it be through prayer, ceremony, or memorializing your pet, it is important that you find closure at the loss of your pet. You will find yourself rejoicing in his life, instead of grieving his loss. In that time, you will begin to heal.

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Like you, we have lost beloved pets. As we build our community you will find even more pet loss coping advice, forums to share your grief and ways to pay tribute to your beloved pet.

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